Norms of Service for Site's Services

The client agrees to acquire prior permission from the user before sending the communication in any form, including verbally, in writing, via email, etc.

The customer is obligated not to transmit any communication that comes under the following items:

  • For Spam or bulk messages
  • For sharing messages that might damage the developer's equipment.
  • For using objectionable messengers, such as pornographic ones, to send messages
  • For delivering messages through messengers which mislead users, like those sent in someone else's identity or that provide misleading information
  • For sharing incorrect, confidential information
  • For the transfer of data obtained illegally by Customer and/or in violation of third-party copyrights or associated rights
  • For marketing drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, as well as other unlawful acts
  • For transmitting material that is against the standards of the applied laws at that point or against international law


Guarantees and interactions with WhatsApp Inc.

  • WhatsApp Inc. in no way endorses or supports the Program or the Site. The user of the Service, Site, or API is aware of all potential dangers.
  • The developer is not liable for the Customer's failure to access the service, Api, accounts, and so forth due to an interruption in the Customer's Internet route, equipment, or software.
  • The customer agrees that WhatsApp and/or WhatsApp Inc. have the right to suspend and/or ban his account.
  • The developer is not liable for the Customer's failure to access the service, to Api, as a result of WhatsApp Inc.'s software modifications.


Website usage

You are allowed to print and download portions from Website for Your individual use on the following terms:

  • No papers or graphics on the Website are altered in any manner.
  • The Website does not use any graphics without supporting content.
  • This permission notification, along with our copyright and trademark notices, is printed on all versions.


Refunds / Cancel the subscription

You can sign up for a free trial account, so purchased subscription payments are not refundable.

The instance will continue to run until the end of the membership term, but you must terminate the subscription before the start of the subsequent payment.



The enforceability of any other provision of these terms of use will not be impacted if any provision of these terms of use (including any clause in which we exclude our liability to you) is found to be invalid.

The entirety of Our arrangement regarding use of and access to the Internet is outlined in these terms of use. You are not permitted to change them at any moment. Nothing said by any individual acting on Our behalf should be interpreted as a departure from these terms of use or as a legitimate claim regarding the Website or the character and calibre of the items made available there. In the event that any such claim is false or deceptive, we shall not be liable.