This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") is part of the Terms of Use for using the Website, and by using the Website, you explicitly agree to our gathering, use, and sharing of your information in compliance with the provisions of this Policy.

This Policy may be amended at any time without prior notification, and such modifications take effect as of the date they are posted on the Website or through any other electronic medium we make accessible to you.

If you do not consent towards the Policy (including changes), then you should promptly stop using the Website.

  • The words "we," "our," and "us" refer to ZippyMsg and any of its executives, employees, contractors, associates, or delegated parties.
  • This Privacy Policy takes effect on the date you approve it, which you do by default by using the Website.
  • The legality and enforceability of the remaining terms of this Policy will not be impacted if one or more of them are determined to be or may become legally ineffective for any cause.

The types of information that we gather that you provide is either specific to you or are of a general nature.

  • Personal Information: whenever you utilize our Services, join as a user on the Website or in another capacity, change your information, buy any products or Services, and ask us to reach you, or participate in promotions or campaigns.
  • As a consequence of your visits to and use of the Website, we also obtain as much general information from you. This "General Information" may include your IP address, the date and time you access the Website, how long you’ve spent upon that Website, your browsing history (recorded by the text and graphic files that make up that page), the Internet address of the website from which you directly linked to our Website, and other such "General Information" that does not personally identify you.
  • To our outside support suppliers. Service providers from all over the globe help and collaborate with us. These companies will only be given access to personal information when it's required to carry out the services they offer to us, such as software, system, and platform assistance and direct marketing services.
  • We naturally gather information about you when you browse our website, register for a ZippyMsg event, or seek more information about ZippyMsg. We do this by using tracking tools like cookies and web forms where you enter your information. We gather this data so that we can respond to your requests made through the website's contact form, identify potential customers, and enhance user experience while navigating our sites.
  • We will react to information requests and, as necessary, rectify, modify, or remove your personal information because we value your right to access and manage your data.
  • Unless you specifically request it or give us your permission, we never transfer or otherwise enable third parties to use the data associated with your customer account to run their own marketing campaigns. Furthermore, we never share the confidential data of your end users. Unless you give us permission to do so, we also never divulge it to third party companies for the purpose of marketing or other uses. Our CCPA Notification contains more information.
  • We use suitable technical and organisational safeguards to secure the security of your confidential material both on and off the internet. The delicacy of the confidential information we gather, process, and keep, as well as the status of technology at the time, determine which steps are appropriate. We also take steps to guarantee that service providers who handle personal information on our account have the proper security mechanisms in place.

Our procedures for gathering, handling, and sharing personal data will be governed by the most recent edition of this privacy notice. Any changes will be announced by publishing a written notification on our website.